to each his own

Rychiger focusses exclusively on the needs of its customers. That is why we design customised transport systems that best suit the actual application. For the design of our machines, we take into account the nature of the product to be processed, the desired production capacity, the space available on site and the investment budget of the customer.

Our indexing transport system is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized production batches. This technology is widely used for dry and wet applications, including the processing of coffee and healthcare products. The circular shape of these systems ensures excellent accessibility to all process modules. In addition, machine owners gain extra flexibility as regards the number and function of the process modules installed in their plant.
Measuring just under 2 m², these units are no larger than an office desk!

For more information, see FS 200

The oval motion system has been specifically designed for customers who need to process medium-size to large batches. In these systems, the drive unit is completely separated from the product handling area. They are particularly recommended for applications where several sequential (dry and wet) processes need to be performed, as is the case with coffee, tea and many healthcare products. The machines can be equipped to cater for many different assembly, filling, sealing and inspection processes.

For more information, see FS 340

For the filling of liquids at high output rates, we normally recommend a walking-beam system. This design allows for the wet-cleaning of the machine and effectively prevents cross-contamination along the production line.

For more information, see FS 1100FS 1450

For the high-speed filling of coffee and tea, we always use linear runners (aluminium plates) that move at fixed cycle rates through the machine. As single-serve capsules have become more complex, aluminium plates have proven the ideal solution for both filling and sealing as well as simple assembly tasks.

For more information, see FS 680 FS 910

Combining cycle-controlled and continuous processes is easier said than done. The best solution here is our linear transport system. It minimises the number of products inside the machine and allows for seamless processing with cycle-controlled filling and sealing combined with continuous labelling.

For more information, see FS 340

Do you want to produce small product batches under lab conditions and wish to increase the utilisation of your equipment? We have the solution!
By separating the workpiece carrier from the machine, you can increase your output fourfold. Please contact us so that we can explain to you how it works.