Software is of course the key to efficient production. In modern plants, complex processing and check procedures must be performed, and machines must not only communicate with each other, but also with master systems and remote access interfaces. Most Rychiger machines come with a Siemens or Allen-Bradley control system, whereby the HMI and the actual control functions are customised to suit the specific needs and specifications of our clients.

As the name implies, the human machine interface (HMI) provides the interface between operators and the machine. Our product range includes various HMI versions, catering for all types of applications. For lab machines, we generally use small and simple HMIs, while much larger, clean room-approved HMIs are normally a must for healthcare applications. They all however feature a touch screen and the Rychiger logo!

Often, we integrate third-party control systems (and the respective machines) to form complete turn-key production lines that are controlled by a master or line control system devised by Rychiger.

The integration of machine controls into ERP or MES systems is becoming a ever more pressing issue for manufacturers. We can offer solutions that can exchange data in both directions. This is particularly important where production lot codes need to be verified in an in-line process,with instant feedback to the machine.

For healthcare applications, we offer control systems that comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.