Our advanced production plants come with built-in quality control functions. To monitor processes, material flows and movements in order to ensure a consistent high quality of the end product, we use a range of different in-line and off-line solutions.

Inspection and camera systems are primarily used for presence checks and to make sure that the capsules or products are correctly positioned and properly filled, sealed or labelled. While we source the special cameras from specialist manufacturers, the evaluation software is developed in-house.

Weighing cells are widely used to monitor and verify filling weights. In our machines, the weighing cells of each single lane are linked through the control system to the respective fillers, so that changes in the density of the powder are automatically compensated as required, guaranteeing correct filling weights.

For proper quality control, it is crucial that all quality-relevant process parameters are monitored. In Rychiger machines, all key parameters such as the sealing temperature, time and pressure as well as the deflection are continuously measured and displayed in real time on the HMI.

To check the position of the parts processed in the machine, we use various electronic monitoring sensors. They ensure that the products and/or components are handled as required inside the machine. In the reject unit, we use sensors to ensure that all NOK parts are removed from the production process.