Tell me what you are!

Without labelling, end consumers would be unable to know what product they are buying or consuming – and therefore simply would not touch it. Other information such as the best-before or the expiry date, the production batch and other tracing details are now commonly found on products, and often required by law. That is why Rychiger offers a wide range of marking and labelling technologies.

Among the most common and cost-effective methods is the embossing of aluminium and plastic foils with letters and numbers. Our filling and sealing machines come with integrated units for the embossing of lid foils. On request, a lane code can be included in the product information

For the marking of products, we provide a range of different solutions that can be integrated into the filling machine or operated separately. The most popular technologies are ink jet and laser printing. With ink jet printing, it is possible to print marks and codes in the same colour as the background, so that the information is not readily visible to the customer. This is particularly useful for products where aesthetic considerations play a major role.

For the labelling of products, we use third-party equipment tailor-made for the respective application. Factors such as speed, positioning accuracy and label size are thereby taken into account. Labels can be applied in-line or off-line.

They often come with pre-printed texts and logos, whereby more information such as lot or batch details, expiry dates, product specifications, etc. is added in production. To achieve this, the printer is normally integrated into the labelling machine and works in-line. For this purpose, Rychiger uses ink jet, thermal transfer and laser printers (or laser etching machines). The label sort-out function prevents that incorrectly printed labels are placed on products, minimising the reject rate.

The Rychiger portfolio also includes solutions for the in-line printing of lid foils where the foil is pre-printed and additional information such as the product name is added in the in-line process..