Many of the products made by our machines consist of multiple components. These must be correctly handled and manipulated so that they are in the right position at the right time.

For fast production plants, we use automated capsule supply systems that make work easier for operating personnel. Such systems take up the capsules in a fully automated or semi-automated process directly from the cartons or buffer containers. Alternatively, the capsules are picked up from an intermediate storage box.

Virtually all our machines come with separators that separate the stacked capsules. Single-lane and multi-lane systems supply the capsules to be placed in the transport system. In this process, the individual capsules are checked for correct positioning, and statically discharged or disinfected, if required.

Complex capsules often consist of multiple parts. If these parts are supplied to the factory in bulk, we use vibrating or centrifugal conveyors to separate and align them.

Subsequently, the parts are placed in the correct position by means of handing systems. As an experienced supplier, we offer everything from simple pick&place systems to multi-axis robot plants.
All capsule assembly processes can be completed in our filling and sealing machines