Tailored services

Rychiger is highly valued for our specially tailored services and rapid on-site support. Our focus is on continually optimizing production processes and machine technology in step with any changes in packaging materials. Our motivated and qualified team of service engineers will ensure you get the best performance from your machine for many years.

Flyer Services

Services at the Rychiger factory

  • Spare parts
    Supply and management of original spare parts.
  • Helpline
    Telephone support by our experienced service technicians.
  • e-Service Portal
    Internet-based customer service portal with the «Rychiger Tickets» and «Rychiger Wiki» systems for efficient cooperation and easy access to the latest documentation.
  • Remote Support
    Remote diagnosis and maintenance with secure VPN interface to machine control.

Services on-site support

  • Support
    Troubleshooting by Rychiger’s expert service team.
  • Inspection and maintenance
    analysis of machine condition, revisions and maintenance with or without service contract.
  • Training
    Operation and maintenance training for operators and technicians. Suited to level with practical orientation.
  • Optimization
    Analysis of downtime for improvement of efficiency through machine and process optimization.
  • Retrofitting
    Adaptation of your machine to new needs and technologies (e.g. format changes, wear resistance, performance enhancement, packaging materials, etc.)