100 years of visionary pioneering spirit


Rychiger AG is an integral part of Steffisburg – just like Thun has its castle and Bern the Federal Palace. The company is not just important to its local community but also to the region, the canton and indeed Switzerland as a whole:


As an employer which after steady growth now has a workforce of some 300, 250 of whom are based in Switzerland. This includes 22 apprentices being trained in the most diverse professions such as multi-skilled mechanic, designer, production mechanic and business assistant. In addition to acquiring specialist expertise, trainees also become familiar with the Rychiger spirit – teamwork, mutual support and solidarity. But they also learn not to give up until a job is done, the machine runs smoothly and the customer is satisfied. It is no coincidence that the working atmosphere at Rychiger is healthy and open-minded – a place where everyone is on first-name terms as in a big family.

As a contractor that has made a name for itself as a much appreciated partner in particular in the construction industry due to its constant need for more space. One new facility follows the next. Today the company premises take up a surface area of 25,063 m2 – and it's no surprise that construction continues apace during this anniversary year. The new production hall with a surface area of 1,525 m2 will be ready for occupation by the healthcare segment in 2019. Many local and regional SMEs likewise benefit from this intense construction activity.

As an economic factor in the municipality, important not just as a tax-payer.

As an ambassador able to hold up throughout the world the fine reputation of Swiss engineering, craftsmanship, quality, precision and reliability – in other words the "Swiss-made" hallmark. After all, Rychiger's specialised machines for filling and sealing the most diverse products are in use worldwide. The company distinguishes between three main areas:
Coffee & Tea (e.g. coffee capsules), Healthcare (diagnostic and medical technology) and Retortable Packaging (e.g. food and pet food). Rychiger develops and builds "masterpieces" such as 12-track filling machines for coffee capsules with an output of up to 2,000 capsules per minute.

As the place that has brought forth some outstanding entrepreneurial personalities, each of whom as served the company in their own way and helped it achieve success.